About me

Software Developer with experience in designing and building responsive, dynamic web applications for consumers using the MERN Stack. Skilled in both front-end and backend development, with a focus on creating exceptional user experiences. A problem-solver with a user-centric mindset and strong technical skills.



Work Experience

Software Developer
Algorizin, Inc. - •Created Algorizin , a Job Application CRM app, that connectsstudents with industry experts May 2022 – present New York, NY •Stack- ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS with Typescript & PostgreSQL with TypeORM for data storage •Created mechanismsto send automated emails using AWS SES and by performing CRUD operations using REST APIsin the backend •Built the payment processor using Stripe API, developed the backend & deployed it on AWS •Collaborated with scrum master, product owner, and developersin a cross-functional team; participated in agile eventssuch as daily standup and sprint planning •Designed advanced authorization features using Express, JSON Web Token & Postman •Created API to allow usersto move job application cardsthrough a Kanban board which resulted in 20% more efficient job tracking and application process •Built the front end utilizing reusable React components and used React Hooksforstate management •Built an automated notification system with email & push notificationsfor event-handling •Enhanced the UI design to provide seamless user interaction using TailwindCSS
Data Analyst
Cloud Factory - •Improved accuracy by 15% and data processing speed by 50% with automation solutions; collaborated with cross-functional teamsin agile environment; coordinated virtual team to enhance AI checkout productsfor tracking and predicting customer behavior
Web Developer
MicroBanker Nepal Pvt. Ltd. - •Redesigned and maintained the company website for MicroBanker using Bootstrap, WordPress, Laravel, and MVC architecture, following the web development lifecycle (SDLC) with the cross-functional team


Lamar University
Masters of Science in Computer Science, - •Recipient of Graduate Studies Competitive Scholarship
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