About me

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein

I am detailed-oriented, responsible Engineer with high work spirit as every engineers. But, most of the time I learn new things from my mistakes and flaws. And, battle with myself to be better at solving problems using mathematics and programing skills. Being involved in Mu2e high energy research, I develop various sensors like temperature, pressure, humidity to collect data and analyze them using Python in order to secure very expensive and sensitive research panels while shipping. I successfully carried my duty and help my research team reach the goal in given time. This opportunity not only expose me to programing and data analysis but also helps to develop skills to work with people and share experiences. Currently, I am doing various small projects in college and outside of college mainly dealing with biomedical sectors using computational tools like Python, R and MATLAB.

My Specialities:
– JavaScript
– Node.js
– Express
– MondoDB
– Python
– R
– c programing

I enjoy traveling and cooking. I like to watch soccer and I am big Manchester United fan. I sometimes like to talk and debate on politics.

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