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I am an aspiring and result-driven software engineer in search of a full-time position. I am looking for a challenging role in software development that will not only provide me with a learning experience but also accentuate my skills towards exciting projects that solve real-world problems for the greater good.

I have always looked forward to building a progressive lifestyle in STEM with dedication and a hint of honesty. In my teenage, I was thrilled by Steve Jobs’s Stanford Commencement speech entitled “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” and started to learn more about programming. The joy of writing and running my first program knew no bounds. But my calling is in developing applications for helping people. My current role as a Full Stack Developer at Algorizin to help develop a Web Application for landing international students is serving my goal by centralizing the necessary information, and practising at mock interviews and with peers all on the same platform.

I did my bachelor’s program in Computer Science and Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. After joining the University of Akron, I have had internship and project experience, especially focusing on Python and Java. I was also involved in research along with excellent communication skills gained through presentations at national and international conferences. My master’s thesis was directed in the area of Multiple Access channels to investigate optimal input distribution with 2-user achieving sum-capacity using 1-bit ADC.

My areas of interest include Software Engineering, Web and Mobile Application development along with Databases such as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. I use React JS, Next JS, and Node JS for Front End and Back End development extensively.

I love to read books, bake and cook, and do gardening at my leisure.

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