About me

I am a graduate student of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.

Proficient Languages: Java, TypeScript, C#, Python, MATLAB, Scheme
Frameworks: Node.js, Express.js, React.js, ASP.NET, Flask
Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Technologies: Git, Postman, pgAdmin, MongoDB Compass, Firebase, AWS, Azura Data Studio, LogRocket, Twilio, Mailchimp, Sentry

I am seeking the role of a Software Developer where I can contribute towards the organizational goals through my analytical skills and knowledge acquired by working on real-life projects.

As a Software Developer, I would bring these skills to develop software that exceeds the expectations of clients and customers and drive real business results. With each new experience, I am eagerly looking forward to expanding my skills and knowledge.

As a person, I consider myself a positive person, and a quick learner. I feel very comfortable adapting to new environments and learning new technologies I loved to play table tennis, soccer, and volleyball. And in my spare time, I also loved to solve Leetcode problems.

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