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I love solving problems, and do tell me if there is something that could be better than Engineering. I always loved Math and Physics. Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the machines and its working principles. Now, I am a Mechanical Engineer with the likes of machine designing and Finite Element Analysis. I intend to use my experience working in a team-oriented environment and managing time-sensitive projects to both grow myself professionally and contribute to the success of others.

I always look for the opportunity to diversify my professional experience and expand my horizons. It was in my Junior years, when I had to take programming course and that was C++ for engineers. I still remember sitting in front of a computer, (which I always used either to play games, watch movies or at-most submit college assignment), to actually run my first code “Hello World, this is Manjeet Chapagai”. It was almost a magic, to get the computer to do whatever I wanted, just by typing in these funny little symbols, limited only by my own imagination and ingenuity. I caught fire coding. My passion towards computer carried me to broaden my skills to the level which was much more than just an engineering. Started with “Hello World” in C++, now I have skills of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java. I am so passionate to coding that I never get tired learning new things and always believe there is yet more to learn and yet more to solve.

Apart from these engineering and programming skills, I love cooking and singing. When free, I like spending time with my loved ones and playing soccer.

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