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I’m an Engineer with fast learning skills and photographic memory, a hunger to solve problems, and an eagerness to learn more. I love to solve problems either with or without the use of a computer. I am very passionate about the computer or technology, and anything related to it. I always keep thinking about how something can be made better.

I’ve worked as a Research Assistant to create Machine Learning Models for text classification of online News articles or social media content Deep Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing. Moreover, I’ve also served as the President of BCU IEEE Robotics Club building smart robots with Computer Vision and led a team of 12 students to the semi-final of the IEEE Robotics Competition 2022.

I am a good team player, and I have always given my best to make something better and more efficient. I feel growth in my Analytical skills, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, and Teamwork and this growth never stops.

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