About me

💭 I am an innovation-focused full-stack developer with a strong enthusiasm for learning and creating.

🛠 I am mainly proficient in the MERN stack languages and frameworks, but also enjoy exploring other technologies.

🐬 Honesty, Commitment, and Open-Mindedness are the core values I work by.

🎓 I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in French.

👩‍💻🕶🎨 I would love to pursue a career in Software Engineering/Full Stack Development because I see it as a very unique field of work where I can apply both my logic and creativity in equal parts.

🌐 Before coming to the United States to study, I spent the former part of my life in Dubai, U.A.E where I grew up in a very multicultural community. And so I believe that my upbringing and life experiences so far would bring a unique form of diverse insight to any project or corporation.

📚✍🎮 Other than that, in my free time, I also enjoy learning about different languages/cultures and optimizing my progress in several different strategic games like Pokémon 😏

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