Work Experience

Electrical Engineer
Phoenix DeVentures, Inc. Sep 2023 - Present (May 2024) Full time. On-site.
Senior Engineer - Maintainance
CMC Kamal Textile Mills Limited Apr 2018 - Oct 2019 • Maintained inventories that are frequently used, and made stock for crisis management. • Reduced 10-12% downtime for breakdowns and fabrication of required accessories • Oversaw processes and systems to meet requirements and adapted preventive maintenance. • Coordinate with plant operations, generator room, boiler room and storage facility teams. • Top overhauling and Major overhauling of MTU gas generator, 1560KW. • Routine check of the generators as like lube oil level, gas pressure, temperature, HT & LT water circulation and cooling tower pump. • Regular log register maintaining of the generators parameters e.g.: KW, Amp, Voltage and frequency.
Graduate Research Assistant
Western Michigan University Jan 2016 - May 2016 • Completed instrumentation of sensors, AC motors, and NI-DAQs for fluid dynamics efficiency test which varies from 4%-60%. • Analyzed data to check flow, pressure, and temperature effect on flow control using Labview to reach target efficiency. • Recorded data and maintained source documentation following proper documentation practices.
Content Developer
Beshto Ltd. May 2012 - May 2013 Worked as content contributor for a social web site, a national platform promoting Bengali language social media site.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Master's Degree Aug 2021 - May 2023 Skills: Embedded C++ · Circuit Design · Embedded Systems · Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design · Digital Communication · Antennas · Python (Programming Language) · Microsoft PowerPoint · Microprocessors · 5G · Analytical Skills · Digital Signal Processing · Presentations · Microcontrollers
College of Engineering and Applide Sciences at Western Michigan University
Masters of Science - MS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2015 - 2017 Skills: Circuit Design · LabVIEW · Digital Communication · Antennas · Microsoft PowerPoint · Analytical Skills · Digital Signal Processing · Presentations · Microcontrollers · Radio Frequency (RF).
North South University
Bachelor of Science - BS, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering 2006 - 2013 Skills: Circuit Design · Mathematical Modeling · Problem Solving · LaTeX · RF engineering · Interpersonal Skills · Digital Communication · Simulations · Antennas · Microsoft PowerPoint · 5G · Analytical Skills · Digital Signal Processing · Fortran · Presentations · Radio Frequency (RF)
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